England’s Cricket Player Replacement: Patel Replaces Ansari

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In order to win the match over Pakistan that will be held soon, England is having some preparations, including focusing on the players. It is known that England might have the strategy to win the match this time. One of the ways is by changing the cricket players of the team. In the last match, Zafar Ansari was known as a part of cricket players of England. He was hired by England after undergoing some tests to deserve to be in the team. Well, the result is so satisfying as he was able to give the best performance to his supporter.

Surprisingly, his best performance in the last match he had has just led him to get the bad moment of his career life. Well, it is known that Ansari has got injured after winning the last match. He won over Lancashire which was highly appreciated by everyone as he had given the best efforts as he can in the match. Unfortunately, it made him just out of the team because of the condition. However, it does not take long time for England to replace Ansari with another Arabian-descent player. The country now has the one that can strengthen the team.

He is Samit Patel which is hired by England as the team of the country in order to replace Ansari. The career track of Patel is something that everyone should not be taken granted of. It has been proven by undergoing some Test performances just to make the record. His last match was in India few years ago and he got the winner in the competition. This makes England about to sure to hire this 30-year-old Arabian descent athlete. This is a good time for him to let the younger fellow take his rest and recovery from the injury.

Meanwhile, as it is reported that, on 13 October England will compete against Pakistan so it must be the time for Patel to go show the skill. Meanwhile, Ansari is reported to soon see the specialist of thumb and having some scan test to find out his bone spurs. Based on the information, he will take his rest to recover his injury in almost 3 weeks of medication. It takes few months for him to make sure that he is ready to join against the other competitor. It must be a short hiatus for him to get well soon.

During the time of medication, Ansari should wait for the announcement related to his career as the cricket athlete. This time, if his name will be on the list of agen bola terpercaya in the next tournament, he should be ready to recover his injury. The tournaments which will be held in this year is such as, Lions Squad and England Performance Programme. Well, be ready to know the player that will be sent by England. Is it either Ansari or not? We’ll see for it. Thus, Ansari is expected soon to get himself well and ready to join in the tournament as soon as possible.

Paul Merson’s Prediction on Arsenal vs Tottenham Match

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Paul Merson is a legendary footballer who was born on 20 March 1968. He always makes a prediction abouth the match, including Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur. He has revealed about Arsenal-Tottenham combined line-up for The Capital One as The Soccer Saturaday has picked some Arsenal players as his line-up. He also urged Arsene Wenger to take seriously abouth this match in order to prevent lose this game. Previously, he saw his ex club defeats to Dinamo Zagreb and Chelsea last week.

He also said to the media that if Arsenal lose this game, Arsene Wenger will be in under preasurre because it is really a bigmatch. According to Paul Merson, Spurs player would commandkey roles in his side and Arsenal players also have a big struggle and have been struggled well. For that bigmatch, Paul Merson predict 3-0 for Arsenal vs Tottenham Spurs in extra time.

In Merson’s team, Merson also choos a qualified player. He said that Erikson is one of his favourite and he was a big fan of him but since Erikson dissapointed him, Paul Merson stopped Erikson to play at this session. So does with Heung-Min. According to Paul Merson, he is a decent player and has hit the ground running, so Paul Merson likes him so much. He also said that Heung-Min is in a good form.

Paul Merson also said that if someone is offered him Giroud or Walcott, he would sure to take them. Harry kane is also admitted by Paul Merson if he played with Arsenal because he is another top player, Paul Merson said. At Arsenal, he would get 20 plus goals at this session because Tottenham Hotspur midfield is not that good. Paul Merson also admitted the couple of other Spurs men, while Alexis Sanchez has done a little of late to justify his selection.

A 46 year old, Paul Merson said that now Tottenham Hotspur is not really good managed by Mauricio Pochettino, their new manager. In the three latest match, Tottenham Hotspur lost their game and only one time draw with the opponent. This is a fact that makes Paul Merson bravely said that Arsenal will win the match against Tottenham Hotspur because they have many posibillities against weaknesses of Tottenham Hotspur. Tottenham Hotspur is not have enough strengthness to face Arsenal in the next match.

Paul Merson wish that Arsenal will win again against their opponents. As we all know, Arsenal won 1-0 over Tottenham Hotspur in the same Premier League because Olliver Giroud score one goal. That’s why Paul Merson still believe that Giroud is a top player and he always want if someone is offered Giroud for him.

Other predictions that made by Paul Merson is not only happen for Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur in the next match, but there are many predictions he made for other matchs. He predicted that Leicester and Manchester United, both will accept their defeated. His prediction about it refer to the latest match of Manchester United in EPL, draw 0-0 with New Castle.

The Record of Christiano Ronaldo’s 499 Goals

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Christiano Ronaldo who more famous with his nickname CR7 becomes the person who most talk about nowadays after succeed scoring 499 goals this season. He scored his 499 goals for club and country after he do hat trick when his team against Shakhtar Donetsk in Real Madrid’s Champion League. He is a talented Portuguese professional football player who plays for one of the famous club in Spain that is Real Madrid and famous club in UK, Manchester United, he even become the captain in the Portugal national team.

CR7, like mentioned before the nick name for Christiano Ronaldo plays as a forward in every football club that he joined. He is one of the young football players who really talented proofed with received Ballon d’Or and World Player of the Year nomination by FIFA in the age of 22. He won the awards Of Ballon d’Or and other nomination in the following year, in 2008 for the exact. He even won FIFA Ballon d’Or also in 2013 and 2014. He succeed scored his 400th goals on January 2014 when he is only 28 years old. He is the first football player with Portuguese nationalism who win three FIFA’s Ballon d’Or also become the first football player who ever win four European Golden Shoe awards. He even named as the best Portuguese player all the time by Portuguese Football Federation on its 100th anniversary celebrations. He won so many games with his two football clubs Manchester united and Real Madrid. He maybe more often play with Real Madrid Shirt also his 499th Goals happen when he plays in Real Madrid but he is also do some other amazing job in Manchester United.

CR7 makes his amazing goal in 749 appearances for some football club like Real Madrid, Sporting Lisbon and Portugal, and Manchester United. He is truly amazing player who always make people feel amaze with his skill. He managed to score eight goals in his latest two appearances. He feels really confident that he will be able to get his 500 goals by against Granada like he said on Sky Sports 3 this Saturday. From 321 goals which he made is for Madrid from 304 appearances.

He scored five goals last week against Spain; what’s more amazing is he doubled the score against Shakhtar which made him do total 37 hat tricks for country and club. Moreover, he steal three goals from Lionel Messi in the Champion League, 80 goals that he scored made him become the leading scorer in the competition. When he plays in Old Trafford he scored 118 goals, he also do five goals for Sporting Lisbon in his teenager age while in international level he succeed scored 55 goals in his 122 appearances for Portugal football team.

He is truly a formidable football player who often scored phenomenal goals. His strongest foot is his right foot; he made total 325 goals with his right foot. His left foot also pretty strong since it scored 89 goals and the total of 83 goals come from his head.

Andy Murray Take Great Britain into Final Davis Cup

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Andrew Barron Murray or known more as Andy Murray is a prodigy tennis player from scotland, UK, a profesional tenis player with British number one title that ranked number 3 in the world rank. His player which is so magnificent finally can take Britain into the final of Davis Cup after 100 years. This is the first time Britain enter the final again since 1978. He suceded the final seat for Britain after defeated Bernard Tomic, an Australian tennis player, in Glasgow. He secured his third point of the match and lead 3-1 with record 7-5 6-3 6-2 point. His action brings hope to get Davis Cup again since the last time Britain won was in 1936 with Fred Perry as the leader of the team. Murray will face Belgium in the final on November to get closer with the Davis Cup.

This is also the first time Belgium enter the final after 111 years when Steve Darcis success to beat Argentina’s tennis player, Federico Delbonis in four sets to decide fifth rubber in Brussels. The final between Britain versus Belgium will be started on 27-29 November. Many people think that home side maybe will do something like choosing a slow clay surface to deal with Murray ability. Murray likely called as the savior since Britain almost go into zone group III which is the lowest level of the competition in 2010. However, they determine to get their 10th title to win Davis Cup this year since 1936 in the final. Every people in Britain feel proud with Murray achievement. Murray himself feels honored to be the one who can bring Britain to the final even though he has been concerned about his back.

Andy murray said about how he feel so happy and proud since he can win the game for his country and his team mates. He really glad that a lot of people watch and support him from the first strat game until the gaame ended. Even though he doesn’t feel too healthy and have been struggling with his back he still want to give the best in the game. Andy Murray explains this on BBC TV when he asked after the game.

He was really worried about his back after get surgery in 2013 to recover his back problem. He explained this after people look him a little struggle in Saturday’s doubles match. However, according to Murray it is not big issue and he proofed that he still can do good performance in the game.

Leon Smith as the captain of Great Britain team also feel proud with Murray performance. He feel so amaze watch him play the game and win the game. The performance of Andy Murray is no doubt amazing since he can beat Bernard Tomic who known as a world class player and beat his former member team Dan Evans in the previous match. He also can beat Thanasi Kokkinakis on the previous Friday single match with score 6-0 6-3 6-0 makes him face Bernard Tomic to get into final.