England’s Cricket Player Replacement: Patel Replaces Ansari

english cricket

In order to win the match over Pakistan that will be held soon, England is having some preparations, including focusing on the players. It is known that England might have the strategy to win the match this time. One of the ways is by changing the cricket players of the team. In the last match, Zafar Ansari was known as a part of cricket players of England. He was hired by England after undergoing some tests to deserve to be in the team. Well, the result is so satisfying as he was able to give the best performance to his supporter.

Surprisingly, his best performance in the last match he had has just led him to get the bad moment of his career life. Well, it is known that Ansari has got injured after winning the last match. He won over Lancashire which was highly appreciated by everyone as he had given the best efforts as he can in the match. Unfortunately, it made him just out of the team because of the condition. However, it does not take long time for England to replace Ansari with another Arabian-descent player. The country now has the one that can strengthen the team.

He is Samit Patel which is hired by England as the team of the country in order to replace Ansari. The career track of Patel is something that everyone should not be taken granted of. It has been proven by undergoing some Test performances just to make the record. His last match was in India few years ago and he got the winner in the competition. This makes England about to sure to hire this 30-year-old Arabian descent athlete. This is a good time for him to let the younger fellow take his rest and recovery from the injury.

Meanwhile, as it is reported that, on 13 October England will compete against Pakistan so it must be the time for Patel to go show the skill. Meanwhile, Ansari is reported to soon see the specialist of thumb and having some scan test to find out his bone spurs. Based on the information, he will take his rest to recover his injury in almost 3 weeks of medication. It takes few months for him to make sure that he is ready to join against the other competitor. It must be a short hiatus for him to get well soon.

During the time of medication, Ansari should wait for the announcement related to his career as the cricket athlete. This time, if his name will be on the list of agen bola terpercaya in the next tournament, he should be ready to recover his injury. The tournaments which will be held in this year is such as, Lions Squad and England Performance Programme. Well, be ready to know the player that will be sent by England. Is it either Ansari or not? We’ll see for it. Thus, Ansari is expected soon to get himself well and ready to join in the tournament as soon as possible.

Chip Kelly, Eagles find out how losing ugly feels

Chip Kelly

The Philadelphia Eagles knows the feeling of ugly win from last week event against New York Jets. The position is turned this week and the Eagles have to share the same feeling with their last week opponent by losing it same manner. Washington Redskins puts Eagles at losing side with 23-20. This was grim performance that happened on FedEx Field. Washington Redskins manage to make the Eagles know the feeling of scoreless for the first half. This is not the first time for Eagle to be in this situation. At the fourth quarter they finally manage to make 20-16 in the winning side. At the last six minutes Washington starts to produce the winning score through the hands of Kirk Cousins. He drove 90 yards for the Washington and takes the winning score for the team.

Pierre Garcon first down at the 4 yard end line on Eagles side is taken by Cousins at this point the fourth quarter would end in 35 seconds. Washington would need a touchdown to win the game. Through Cousins Washington manage to get what they need. A strike is made by Cousins and Garcon puts an end to it with a diving. Touchdown in 4 yard puts Washington on the winning side and they have an advantage for the race at NFC East. The Eagles are obviously in the situation of bad arrangement. They have an anemic offence that only capable to produce 20 points while their opponent defense is actually injured. With current score of 1-3 Eagles should make it better by winning the next two games.

It doesn’t necessarily puts anyone on panic but looking at Eagles situation at his time there are good reason to think about the possibility for Eagles to keep losing. The next target is quite clear. They have to win their next match against New York Giants and New Orleans Saints. Eagles are making t worse by missing special team points. The also allow opponent to make a score form 90 yard scoring attempt. This is obviously put Eagles on worrisome situation. This would put Eagles on bad start and nothing can help them. Last week the Eagles are working with several kickers which is planned to replace Cody Parkey that manages to tear his groin muscle which is interesting since such this seems unlikely.

Former kicker form Miami are chosen for this replacement task. Caleb Sturgis are managing to miss extra points on his first game. He also fails a field goal attempt at 33 yard. It seems to be reasonable if we find another replacement for this week. Sam Bradford has the capability to throw the ball. This is rarely sees since he always avoid throwing in the last three games. People can’t seem to find the problem that makes him reluctant to perform this. Bradford makes six throws with the game against Washington. This attempt give a 62 yard touchdown that landed by Riley Cooper. Another touchdown is at 39 yard and scored by Miles Austin.

Rex Ryan Defense for Penalties

Chip Kelly

Rex Ryan is a defiant payer that puts up a good defense for Buffalo Bills. This attempt is made after the team loses their game 24-10 at Sunday. The loss is happened at the game against the New York Giants. He is seen to pound the podium in several occasions and tells his player to keep fighting. Some penalties have to be part of this game which is suddenly happened to the Buffalo.
A coach from Giants, Tom Coughlin put down directions to his player and said that Bills would be lost eventually for performing too much penalties. Such comment is reported by Dan Graziano from ESPN. There is a good record for Bills in making penalty. In the beginning they manage to make 293 yards worth of penalties. Their loss in week two to New England Patriots is embellished with 14 flag during the course of the game. They accumulated yards of penalty are at the first position in NFL.
Ryan on Sunday’s game made a comment that he understands the tendency. He doesn’t need to doubt that people would obviously focus on these things and there is nothing really wrong about it. This thought is obviously logical since the most interesting part of everything is the negative ones. But for a journalist job this can be misleading since they only saw the situation on different side with players and coach. It is easy to be trapped in this view and create all negative reasons from the spectacle. At the Ravens Ryan also made more than 20 penalties in their performance. At the time they manage to fix the situation and the same thing will also happened in this team.
Due to their penalties the Bills have to suffer two penalties that annulled by the referee. Ryan comments, that 14 point loss doesn’t change the outcomes of the game. Ryan said that the reason of their lost isn’t because the two called back touchdowns. The situation does set them back but it doesn’t make the main reason for them losing the game. In the Bills locker room players are making questions about official calls, Kyle Williams defensive tackle are include in it.
To the question of their penalized reputation Williams give a respond that admits the achievement of a team with the most penalties. At the game in the fourth quarter Preston Brown he linebacker makes 15 yard damage while ripping the ball out. On the process he is applying and elbow force on the opponent. Such reputation and situation does induce a tendency to make more accusation of penalties. The events of penalties are expected and punishment were placed without necessarily consider the legitimation of such actions. Once the penalty happened everything will seems to be wrong since they look at it with tendencies. The same tone is also said by other linebacker Nigel Bradham. He said that officials have made several penalties that actually questionable. Jerry Hughes admits that he got frustrated with the tendency of officials to put them on the bad side.

Sitting Andrew Luck, starting Matt Hasselbeck paid off for Colts

Matt Hasselbeck

Colts doesn’t need to have another loss after the underwhelming start in the season. The loss has made their situation in the league worse. They mostly cause this trouble by their own since they don’t seem to improve their capability after their second loss. In the third loss they put their franchise quarterback on the bench. This would be the first time for him on the length of four year career in NFL. Matt Hasselbeck, which currently on the road to 40 years old, has never played a single match from Nov 4 2012. Andrew Luck which has shoulder injury was played on the game. Hasselbeck have given his capability to bring Colts to their second season victory. He give a good effort in leading his team thus at overtime they manage to win against Jacksonville Jaguars with 16-13.
This achievement is partially allowed by Jason Myers failure in making a field goal at overtime. Hasselbeck manage to make a good pass at 28 yard toward Coby Fleener in tight end position and give an opportunity for Colts to enter the territory of Jacksonville at overtime. Adam Vinatieri ends the struggle by giving the Colts a field goal at range of 27 yard. This goal makes the Colts win the game. AFC South is a good opportunity to allow Colts cure their current situation. Such victory extends Colts capability to make winning streak for 15 games with opponents from the division. The Colts have never made any loses in the history of AFC South until the 2012 season at Week 15.

The running back Frank Gore is a risky choice, but other players seems to not having any their options thus he have to take the responsibility at the goal line. At the five yard line, Gore eventually fumbled. This is the second fumbles he has made for the last three games in the last quarter. Eventually they got the score at 13 and make both of the team have a tie. Gore took a chance with handoff but eventually lost the ball. The ball is recovered by Jaguars at the end of touchback zone. Gore also make a fumble at goal lie on week two where he was played against New York Jets.
There are one good player in the team that manage to make 1,000 points in the history of two teams. He is the first player that capable of doing that. Vinatieri have made three field goals at 32, 27, and 54 yards. With the addition to extra point he have made, he get the total point of 1,004 with Colts. In New England Patriots, his previous team, he manages to get 1,156 points. Josh Robinson is a running back rookie that has series of a problem to hold his ball. He makes a fumble in the first half and allow jaguars to make a touch down since Robinson help them by shortening the field length for Jaguars. He has made the same history at a game against St. Louis.

The Penalty for Under-Impressed Josh Norman Who Were Doing a Celebration

josh norman

Josh Norman, known as the one and only cornerback of Carolina Panthers, was under impression that he already had the approval of the league official to celebrate his victory over a touchdown. He was celebrating by pretending to look like riding the football like he was riding a horse. Sadly, after that occasion, the penalty flag for him is coming. He was confused with it. It is highly unexpected for him, really.
The sad occasion of penalty for The Panthers was conducted after 15 yards. It is happened in the first quarter of their match with Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which is happened on Sunday. Actually, it is bit logic as the celebration is happened when their victory over the Tampa Bay can be seen clearly in 37 – 23 score. Exactly, it was happening after a touchdown which has been done by his team at 46-yard interception. He was giddy and doing some happy moves. Who wouldn’t, right?
Norman actually said that prior the game, he was already asked Derrick Brooks, the former linebacker for Tampay Bay which is a fines appeal officer that has been chosen by both NFLPA and NFL, whether a celebration is legal or not. He said that Brooks already said that it is okay to do that. “If it was not okay, surely I would never want to do it, too”, said Norman who has been appointed as the defensive player of the month by the NFC on Thursday.
Sadly, the truth is hurt. Brooks whom Norman has been referred as an official is actually not an official in that game. Norman didn’t know about that, before. Because of that, Norman has been penalized because of the prohibition on using the football or any other thing which is matters, including the goal post, pylons, or crossbars, as a prop. That rule is stated on the conduct code of leagues unsportsmanlike in Rule 12 of Section 3.
Now, Josh Norman may be become the subject of fine for the second time in all of four games from the league. Before this sad occasion is happening, Norman has been actually fined with $8,681 because of his action when he was giving a wave for Blake Bortles, the quarterback of Jacksonville Jaguars, as he was doing a return for a touchdown interception. It is happening in the season opener, if you would like to know.
Following that score, it can be said that Norman can be really lucky if he wasn’t fined for the action that he done in that Sunday’s game. He will become the first player of NFL game which has to return in the first four games for two interceptions for the touchdown. Hey, he was the first in these five years! Even he was realizing that it was crazy.
Norman said, “Yeah, it’s actually kind of crazy”. He is surprised, too. “Guess it is time to know that we are going to keep on putting more and more money in the savings account of ours”.

Rangers win AL West on final day; Angels’ loss puts Astros in playoffs

Jeff Banister

Jeff Banister the first year manager have to take a position on Texas Rangers clubhouse corner while watching celebration that made by players. It seems to be a great celebration since there is alcohol everywhere and lots of champagne spills easily seen. Rangers previously make a history of the most loses in the league by the number of 95. And this season they manage to put their position at 8 ranks away from first position. This achievement gives the team a ticket to enter postseason. AL West title is the latest Ranger achievement that made by beating Angels with 9-2 in regular season. Banister says that this is an incredible moment that gives emotional impact to everyone in this team. Banister will never forget this moment and it is awesome to see how the player never give up or quit.

Cole Hamels manage to make a pitch for three-hitter. The game is the first game completion he ever made for Texas since the tame acquire a left-handed ace from Philadelphia. This ace pitcher is acquire in the last week of July. Meanwhile, Adrian Beltre manages to make a hit for homer run and brought winning to Sunday. This wins remove Los Angeles from the contention of playoff. AL West banner are hanged above the ballparks center field. This is the view of final moment of AL West final. The massive video board has six poles and one of them is used to hoist championship flag. People can easily found this view to the right of the field.

Elvis Andrus thinks that this moment means a lot. He has never thought that he could be in a team that has good heart. Andrus is a player with longest tenure for his position. He is the only member of 2010 and 2011 World Series teams. This team member makes this achievement is better than few years ago. It can be concluded that his is a crazy year because the team have lots of energy and passion. Texas have suffered a damage of losing Yu Darvish to a surgery by Tommy John. This incident happened right before the season begins. They have to play games in AL Division Series for the first time at Toronto on Thursday.

Ranger’s last achievement is the wild card games that they have to get in hard way. The team can win this game with 5-3 and the match happen before the Angels match. Playing against Angels is a big deal because the team is a former division winner on 2014. They manage to win two games after with rallies in the ninth inning.

At the ninth inning in Saturday Texas had to give up five runs and lose the game to Angels in 11-10. Houston took second place by winning three games in a row. Elias said that Texas is the first team that loses clinching game for league or division in MLB history. The losing is happened on the last week and initially they manage to lead by four runs at the last inning.

Succeed Win over Sunderland, Manuel Pellegrini Proud of Manchester City

Manuel Pellegrini

Manchester City was succeed beat Sunderland to win over Capital One Cup. Manchester City is managed by Manuel Luis Pellegrini Ripamonti or more known as Manuel Pellegrini who born in 16 September 1953. He is a former football player who most known as good coach and manager. It just like mentioned before he is the manager of Manchester City in Premier League. Before, he becomes a manager for Manchester City he was a coach that managed football teams which mostly in Spain, Chile, Ecuador, and Argentina.

He started to do the coaching after retire from football by coaching Chile then after that coaching Argentina. Even though as a football player, he is not too famous but as a coach he is really talented. It is proofed with his successfulness bring his coaching team in four different countries won national leagues. He moved into Europe in 2004 to become manager post at Villarreal, a football club near Valencia. Villarreal achieved many good achievements in a few football leagues. His consistent record at Villarreal made Real Madrid feel attracted and he was appointed to become manager in 2009.

He was succeeding to gain 96 points in total but it was surpassed by Jose Mourinho and he lost title to Barcelona with three points. He then dismissed from Real Madrid and become the manager for Malaga in 2010 until 2013. On 11 may 2014, he then hired by the Manchester City to become the manager. He is the first Chilean who able to become coach from outside of the Europe to manage in the Premier League. In the Manchester City he kept his good work to make the team won many games even against European champion. The turn over event come when the Manchester city defeated by Juventus in the Champions League also west Ham in the Premier League. That’s why win over Sunderland means a lot to help the team recover from loses.

“Really it was important to win the way we did today because we have just come from two important defeats, one in the Champions League and the other in the Premier League, so it was important to start this Capital One Cup in the way that we did in the first half. Manuel Pellegrini Said.

“It’s important to win. Maybe we didn’t deserve to lose the two games that we lost, but we did, so it was important not to continue in that sense.” He added.

In the match against Sunderland, Manchester City gets big opportunity start from Aguero penalty on the first half. Then De Bruyne strike and Vito Mannone goal and finally Sterling attack on the 36th minute put the Manchester on the lead. Even though the players give good result, Pellegrini still feel reluctant to call his player as the best player in the country since he thinks that focusing about the game is more important than think about the ability of individual player. Besides, there are still a lot of games that need to be played in the league.

FA Announces: Costa’s Matches Suspension, for Violent Conduct over Koscielny

diego costa

Last Saturday was an imperfect happiness for Chelsea and its fans, a victory against Arsenal in Stamford Bridge stadium was followed by a match tragedy. The 2-0 winning score and extra 3 points on English Premier League have the story behind. Their player, who was transferred from Atlético Madrid on July 2014, Diego Costa, has been banned for three games by FA. He is charged for a violent conduct over Arsenal defender, Laurent Koscielny. He was recorded on video, appeared to put his hands on the face of Koscielny, even he denied it. However the accident was unseen by the match referee, Mike Dean, but it was the subject of a retrospective investigation.

FA states, “An FA charge against Diego Costa for violent conduct not seen by the match officials but caught on video has been found proven following an Independent Regulatory Commission hearing.”

The Spanish man, who started his career for his first European Club, Braga, will miss Wednesday’s League Cup match with Walsall, and Premier League matches against Newcastle and Southampton. The Blues, Chelsea, released a statement, said they were really disappointed with the decision, but they would wait the written reasons before commenting the charge further. They don’t want to lose their key player they bought for £32 million, even only for three matches.

The Costa matches suspension story is not the only story behind the match of the Blues and the Gunners. There was another case investigated by FA too, involved the Gunners as Chelsea’s rival. But, on the other sides, the club is success to reject FA charges, by winning the appeal. Mike Dean gave a red card for Arsenal defender, Gabriel, for confronting Costa after his violent accident over Koscielny. But, yesterday, FA announced that he won an appeal against his red card last Saturday. FA had accepted Arsenal Challenge to the referee decision over Gabriel, and withdrawn the three-match suspension. Though, Gabriel would still face punished by a separate charge of improper conduct for his reaction to the referee after being shown the red card. Gabriel and Arsenal have until 6pm on Thursday to reply for this charge.

Besides Gabriel and Costa, FA also charges the clubs, Chelsea and Arsenal, for their failure to control their player to create a conductivity of match. They also have until 6pm on Thursday to respond. Gabriel is not the only Arsenal player who got the red card in the match, Santi Cazorla was also following him after the second caution by the referee for or going over the ball in a challenge on Cesc Fabregas. Fabregas was man of the match against his former club. The match was getting worse for Arsenal after attacked by their former boy, Fabregas; they should end the game with nine personnel. The two goals in the match was resulted by Kurt Zouma in minute 53’ and Eden Hazard in minute 91’. Overall the game was dominated by Chelsea, shown by the statistic of ball possession, 62.9% was controlled by Chelsea.

Jenson Button: McLaren Veteran Is Ready For Saying Goodbye

jenson button

McLaren will lose his veteran this week; Suzuka circuit will be the farewell place for Jenson Button and his official team, and also F1 fans. Button is expected to announce his retirement at the end of the season in Japanese GP this week. Button will end his 16-year persistent career in F1, he already been a world champion on 2009 for Brawn GP F1 team, 15 victories, over 1,000 points, and a record-breaking number of F1 starts along his career.

Jenson Button, 35, entered firstly to the Formula One on 2000, for BMW Williams F1 team, finished the season on the 8th rank. Button joined the McLaren team on 2010, left his former team, Brawn GP, by signing a three-year deal for £6 million per season. He revealed the reason for his move; he wants a competition head-to-head with Hamilton. In his first season with McLaren, he finished at 5th position. Last season, he finished the Formula One on 5th position for McLaren.

Now, he has been almost 6 years driving for McLaren, many people are disappointed for his retirement, they still expect for Button’s existence and contribution. They are not only his fans, but also his former partners in McLaren, such as John Watson and Maurice Hamilton. John Watson, a former McLaren driver, said F1 will be poorer place professionally and personally without Jenson Button. He has amiable personality, shown to everyone. Hamilton agreed that Button will be missed as much his personality off the track. His fans still like him, people in McLaren do too, even for the media. In the media’s point of view, he is the cooperative partner for them. He has been always a smiley face during the good and bad time, he will be one of the most missed person in the sport world, especially in Formula One.

John Watson was disappointed to the decision of McLaren to put off their professional contract relationship with Button, which leads to the Button’s retirement decision. Despite the presence of Kevin Magnussen and Stoffel Vandoorne on their books, McLaren are believed to be keen on retaining Button for 2016. Even, this season is going worse for Button, but Watson surely believes that his old team colleague would find his way to return to the front of the grid.

Watson stated, “He is a great driver and his experience is a great asset – and he knows how to win a race. Stoffel Vandoorne is being touted as his replacement but the young kid has got to learn and he will make mistakes. If you are in the process of getting your engineering and your engine partner up to a competitive position, you would prefer to do that with two experienced drivers.”

This week will be the time for final decision of Button toward his retirement; he is expected to announce it at Suzuka International circuit. From Singapore, F1 heads to Japan. The 2015 Japanese GP has a track length of 5,807 kilometers, and cosists of 53 laps.

Eva Carneiro: Chelsea’s Beautiful Doctor Is Leaving

eva carneiro

Women in football are becoming center of attention in showbiz, mostly from its audiences. They are not only as sugar coating for football industry, but have been actors supporting the business. Alex Morgan, Marta Vieira, and Nicole Banecki are some of them, the top women footballers. But, do you know Eva Carneiro? Most of the Blues fans know this woman. She is not one of women footballers, but she always attends the matches. She always sits on the edged-field bench, but she is not the substitution. Chelsea must be proud to have her as a smart beautiful doctor in their medical team; almost all of Chelsea fans love her. So, where is she now? She doesn’t seem attending the Chelsea matches.

Heather Rabbatts, chair of the FA’s inclusion advisory board, stated her disappointment; she was sad and angry for Eva Carneiro’s departure from the Blues. She thinks that Eva is one of few very senior women in the game; she has high integrity and dedication to the club. She is highly respected and praised by the colleagues and the club for her professional capability.

The issue has been spread about the conflict between Carneiro and the Special One, Jose Mourinho. The rumor tells that the conflict is the reason behind why Eva left the club. The club said they cannot comment on internal employment issues, but they also didn’t deny the rumors.

The latest news is spreading that Carneiro and Chelsea physiotherapist, Jon Fearn were heaviliy criticized by Mourinho for treating Eden Hazard on the pitch during the opening-day draw with Swansea City at Stamford Bridge. The clash happened on the touchline just after Hazard received the treatment.

Clashes and conflicts are not the new problem for Mourinho. Besides his incredible brain playing on the team strategy, Mourinho is also persistent for clashing against some people, even to his own team players, such what happened in his time at Real Madrid. Iker Casillas, the former goalkeeper and legend of Real Madrid, is one of people clashed with him. As the manager, he absolutely approaches his team players, but being negotiable doesn’t seem as his characters. All people know his arrogant actions, but they also admit his qualification as the top managers in the European football.

Then, the issue of Eva resignation is known by FIFA’s medical committee. They are setting up a new sub-committee to draw up a new code of ethics for managers and team doctors. The code of ethics related to managers-doctor team relationship is important to be established, to set a clear separation of authority in treating the football players achieving their maximum performances.

But, Chelsea already lost their dedicated doctor, who has served them since 2009. She started her career in Chelsea as the doctor for their reserve team squad. Then, on 2011, she was appointed by the Blues manager, Villas Boa, to be their first-team doctor. Carniero was also ever reported to have been subjected sexist chants by Arsenal, Manchester City, and Manchester United supporters.

In the 11th Sky Sports Ranking List, Anthony Martial highlighted

sky sport

This time, Anthony Martial from Manchester United is highlighted because of his achievement recently. A 19 year old player, Martial bought by Manchester United with high pay, so many party critize it. Because of the critize, Martial is does not stay calm but work harder to show his potential skill proportional with his pay. Many goals created by Martial and the latest goal he made at Southampton’s

Previously, Anthony Martial succesfully transferred from As Monaco to Manchester United in the end of exchange transfer this session. English media wrote £36 as Martial’s pay not include bonus and added pay in the amount of £22,7. For a 19 year old player, Martial’s pay maybe considered too absurd. And now, Martial has signed a four year contract with Manchester United. Social media reveal that people laught at this transferred because Manchester United bought a really young player with no achievement.

Martial said that he always want to play at Premier League and join a big football team is one of his dreams. Now, one of his dreams comes true by joining Manchester United, one of the biggest football club in the world. He also said that he can not wait to meet his new team-mate and collaborate with Van Gaal as Manchester United’s manager because of his many achievements. Previously in As Monaco, Martial succesfully score fifteen goals in seventy matchs. Val Gaal respons highlight about Martial an so does the critize about his high pay. Van Gaal said that Manchester United is a good place to develop his potential skill. But we need give him an ekstra time to adjust his new club environment and so does with his new team-mate.

In the match against Southampton, Martial succesfully score two goals in the minute of 34 and 50. Martial be the third Manchester United’s player who score a goal in their first debut, besides Saha and Federico Macheda. Martial’s first beginning at his career in the CO Le Ulis, a academy club which appear in the seventh caste France, Division Supérieure Régionale. This club was bear Thierry Henry and Patrice Evra. Martial’s potential skill often aligned with Thierry Henry’s and it make Martial’s ogled by Manchester United.

Now at Manchester United, Martial is a new hope for front line Manchester United in the Premier League. Because in recent four match, Manchester United just score three goals and it include an opponent’s goal to their gate. Martial can be a calm one while he playing football and it make him praiseworthy by ex player of his club. Martial just score a goal again at Ipswich Town’s gate at Old Traffic, September 24 ago. That goal brings Manchester United to the three round of League Championship. In the second injury time, Martial did it by doing with his right foot.

Now, Martial in the eleventh Sky Sport Ranking List and it means he is worthy for Manchester United. The power rankings reflect a player’s performance over the previous five weeks, so with this ranking the manajer of football club can see the progress of their upbringing. Martial succesfully show the world his potention skill and it is worth to be paid £36 from Manchester United.